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Additional Services

  • Medical Audit Services
    • Financial Claims Audits
    • Pre-payment Medical Bill Screening
  • Health Insurance Consulting
    • Procedural Efficiency
    • Claims Administration Procedures
    • System Integration and Development
    • Resource acquisition
  • Claims Adjudication Audits (Third Party / TPA audits)
    • Client defined audit criteria and scope of review (i.e.)
    • Repricing correct
    • Deductible correct
    • Duplicity of payments
    • Case compensability
    • Appropriate investigation for pre-existing
    • Documentation to support payment found
    • Coordination of Benefits
  • On Site Case or Telephonic Case Management
    • Patient visits to hospital / rehab facility
    • Record Review for criteria compliance
    • Participation in patient case conferences
    • Discharge planning
    • Home health care arrangement
    • Durable medical equipment arrangement
    • Home visits to patient (if needed)
    • Report preparation
    • System documentation
    • Participation in case management meeting
  • Medico-legal case review and report
    • Insurance Policy Review
    • Case Compensability and Eligibility
    • Usual and Customary Fee Evaluation
    • Coding / Documentation Evaluation
  • Reinsurance Report Preparation
  • Practice Management assistance
    • Set up
    • Human Resources
      • Employee Handbook
      • Staffing/Recruiting
      • Benefits
      • Salary Analyses
    • Development of Office Procedures / Workflow
    • Fee Schedule Determination
    • Self-Audit Program Development
    • Claim Submission / Billing

Please call us to discuss how these services can benefit you and your plan.

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