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Network Services

Star Healthcare Network has strategically contracted with providers worldwide to provide clients a comprehensive list of services along with excellent discounts built in. 

Along with coverage provided by our contracts with national PPOs, Star Healthcare Network has contracted directly with providers and local PPOs nationwide for deeper per diems and DRG discounts. 

These direct relationships with providers and Star’s partnered PPOs are proven, providing:

  • High stop-losses
  • Consistent, significant savings 

They are also strategic in location nationwide, and are considered Centers of Excellence.  Our local PPOs are located in strategic, heavily-populated/visited geographic areas, including:

  • South Florida
  • Texas
  • Arizona
  • Nevada

These PPOs (averaging 35% off charges) are for the most part owned or operated by groups of hospitals and/or physicians. 

Star Healthcare Network also has strong strategic relationships in Northern Florida, Hawaii and California with exceptional discounts averaging 35% off charges.

For clients seeking international savings and coverage, we have developed a comprehensive international network, through which we can provide discounts in Central and South America, as well as in the Caribbean (with savings from 7-25%).

Star Healthcare Network’s additional services complement its network repricing discounts:

  • Case Management
  • Bill Negotiation *
  • Audit Services (including line-by-line audits and bill review)
  • Elective Procedure Discounts
  • Second Medical Opinion
  • Transplant Carve-Outs
  • Pharmacy Cost & Program Consulting

* Documented success in achieving discounts on out-of-network bills up to and including nearly $2 million in charges!

We are also thrilled to introduce Star Travel©, offering the best discounts in flights, rental cars and accommodations for international patients utilizing US healthcare, as well as for US citizens receiving care abroad (emergency services or medical tourism packages). The families of these patients can also benefit from our comprehensive travel services.

Star Healtcare Network also offers additional services. To see these, please visit this link.

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